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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bootiful Ho Rita G with her cute pigtails and sexy wide big hips and dream thighs and ass

RITA G pigtails sexy ho big wide hips booty nice thighs boobsRita G is perfect if you liked exotic, tanned girls with nice boobs and more than amazing legs, thighs and ass. She has wide hips on a thin body frame. Her entire body is tight from head to toe and most guys would blow their load before they even touch her. Watch Rita G masterbate and play with herself and whine up and bump on grind on some hard cock.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rita G in a skin tight pair of blue jeans showing off her thick sexy thighs and flat stomach

Rita G tight blue jeans and bra hottest sexy mixed black babeRita G could be a fitness model and participate in amazon fitness porn shoots but is also beautiful enough for the glamour model adult industry. Check Rita G dance in these sexy skin tight blue jeans that wrap around her sexy thighs and legs and can even see her cameltoe. Watch RitaG strip out of these jeans shaking her big juicy tight butt waiting for someone to stick a big hard cock in that lil hole in her big tight ass.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thick White Girl Rita Gordon in hot sexy White Short Skirt showing off her thighs, legs

rita g gordon white girl big thighs booty legs tight minskirtRita Gordon aka Rita G loves to show off her sexy silky white skin by wearing tight and revealing clothing. She looks very horny and sexy in her petite white dress and bikini top. Her thighs are full of meat acting as the connector between her big white booty and sexy long smooth legs. She definately has sexy thunder thighs and a big phat ass booty that is made for slapping.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Action Girls Babe Rita G fights naked with Guns and boobs in sexy leather army outfit

rita g fighting in leather outfit action girls monster truck with bouncing boobs and machine gunsThis video on Action girls is the newest porn video by hot body babe Rita G. Watch her run around shooting her gun while her tight round natural boobs bounce around. She is a born porn star and action star and in this video you get to see both. She also poses her tight booty for the camera when aiming her gun and ready for sex battle.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sexy Fit Muscular Thighs and Flat abs stomach on Rita G

sexy thighs legs muscular fit abs tanned bodyRita G is known for her hot body especially her amazing natural big tits and butt. But she also has a flat stomach with abs and toned muscular thighs that will seduce any guy to want to lick that tight pussy and firm big tight butt. Watch other fitness divas with muscular bodies get fucked and suck some big cock.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rita G - the Italian and Greek Hip Hop and Rap Model posing all nice

rita g hiphop slut rap italian greek girlRita G is looking hot as ever with that tanned body and mocha complexion. Watch Rita G pose nude and play with her pussy and caress her nice natural tits and play with sex toys. We see enough of her posing in hiphop rap videos but now its time we see Rita G in real sexual action with her pounding a dildo in her pussy and then sucking it and deepthroating it in her big slutty sexy mouth.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rita G keeping it real with the ghetto hiphop Slut look

RitaG rita G thighs pussy undies slutRita G is a real hip hop booty whore, with the big tight ass and fit big tits and the slutty poses. Check Rita G and other hot latin booty girls get fucked, sucked and busted all over their hot sexy bodies. If you like girls with big asses and tits and tight sexy ass shaking and whining up then you gotta watch Rita G porn nude videos.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rita G shows off her Ass by bending over in High heels

RitaG - high heels hiphop video model thong assRita G making some sexy poses, she shows off her ass by bending over in 5 inch high heels and a thong so we can smell and eat out her beautiful ass. Check out her videos of ass worship and her getting a dildo stuck up that big hiphop ass booty.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rita G looking sexy in Kanye West's Rap Video, Flashing Lights

Rita G was recently in Kanye West's Rap Hip Hop VIdeo as the item hip hop hoe slut looking slutty and glamorous as usualy while her tits bounced up and down while she walked in a tight miniskirt and 6 inch stilettos. She is definately proving to be a top model these days with a killer sexy hot body that any guy was stick their cock in.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rita G Bio aka Rita Gordon, Rita Granberry Biography

An intriguing mix of black and Italian heritage, Rita G. is notable for having striking looks and wonderful 34Cs with great cleavage. Born in New York City, Rita now calls Houston home. Rita's appeared in Black Men's Magazine, and she's also been on The Howard Stern Show. Her life goal is to "enjoy a high quality of life full of freedom, free of stress." So what does she consider are activities that make up a high quality of life? "Cooking, working out, reading and painting." She says her best trait is that she's an excellent communicator, and that her worst is she hates to clean up. As far as guys, she looks for an "intimate/emotional connection -- it's either there or it's not there. You can't instruct one to accomplish this." But you might need instruction on how to perform her favorite thing in bed: "oral and penetration simultaneously." And on top of that her breats are ALL NATURAL... Yowza!

Name: Rita Gordon, Rita Granberry
Stats: 34C-27-37
Height: 5' 7"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Birthday: February 05
Hometown: New York City

Rita became a nationwide phenomenon after an unprecedented appearance on the Howard Stern E! Television show in late 2003 where Rita magically unveiled the world's “Best Natural Breasts” with a style all her own! The TV appearances earned powerful ratings, e-mail recognition throughout Stern user groups, and one of the fastest repeat telecasts in the history of the Howard Stern Show (repeated less than two weeks after the original air date). Also she is now known for her appearance in the Kanye West hip hop rap song video "Flashing Lights" which she is the main star.
Since that time, Rita has appeared in Playboy Special Edition ("Voluptious Vixens" Nov. 2005), been featured on the COVER of a national magazine ("Smooth Girl" October 2005), appeared in more than a dozen other major magazines, been a regular guest on Dr. Dre's radio show and Hot 97 out of NYC, and as a correspondent for BET (Black Entertainment Television). In December of 2005, she also takes over as Playboy's new Sex/Advice columnist for their "Special Edition" magazines!
"Be honest, do you love me for my brains, or my body? ;) I thought so... but I'd be lying if I said I considered my looks to be among even my best ten attributes!

First and foremost, I am a perfectionist with everything I do. With my body, I seem to live and sleep in the gym, I eat the right foods, and stay away from drugs and alcohol. I love experiencing life, and I love that enough people have taken an interest in me that I have been able to travel the world to meet people in different cultures. Music is a link to my soul, and most definitely my sensuality. Give me a hypnotic reggae rhythm and I'll begin moving without even realizing it. Reggae brings out of me so much sexual energy that I sometimes have to listen to it alone at home. ;) New age, hip-hop (Lauryn Hill is my girl!), and old-school jazz always seem to put me in just the right mood.

wanna know all my dirty little secrets and other interesting facts about me?
I have a 'mini' fetish. I'm obsessed with all things miniature and tiny. I eat with a baby spoon and sometimes drink wine out of a cute glass the size of a thimble... I wear 'baby' tee's for real - real tight shirts from the kids section.. lol
I don't use deodorant. Once I learned about the harmful effects that aluminum and mercury have on the body (linked to Alzheimer's) I searched for an effective natural way to stay dry - I apply pure aloe vera gel to my underarms and it seems to work just fine for me.
I don't wash my clothes very often. Well, I did say I would reveal my 'dirty' secrets didn't I? Actually it's just that I have so many clothes I am not forced to laundry for months and by that time I would have already bought more clothes!
I am an AQUARIUS, to the extreme.
I like shopping at the dollar store.. guaranteed to be a cheap date. I doesn't take much to make me happy.
I didn't have a TV for nine years. When I was 14 I read a book about the ways that our subconscious mind is programmed by media images and I gave away my TV. Though I have one now I still prefer a good book instead.
Favorite scent that drives men (and women) crazy when I wear it - Marina de Bourbon, it's French and is very seductive.... my other fav is a perfume oil called Pikaki Lei - a hawaiian flower from the tropical rainforest.
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